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Timeshares’ Imperfections

Timeshare ownership seems impeccable—especially when you bought it during its peak years in the 70s and onwards. The concept originated in the French Alps by a French hotelier. It became the answer to the vacation needs of middle classmen. Owning a vacation house as well as traveling was once necessities. It was also that time wherein commercial planes started to fly.

The timeshare phenomenon continued and spread across nations. It showcased the many beautiful vacation hotspots of the world from the US to Europe and to the rest of the world. Assurance for a vacation in a certain time of the year lessens the clients’ booking time. No more questions to be asked since owners already know what to expect. Timeshare expectations are always high and developers never failed to do it since they are the top hotels, resorts, etc. in their respective places. In here, you are also assured of high standards in terms of facilities, amenities, as well as services.

As time goes by, innovation was incorporated to suit the needs and the desires of timeshare owners in the form of perks. Flexibility became a word fixture that best describes timeshares as it ventured into Exchange programs wherein clients could have a timeshare experience in another location and thus is not limited to their purchased unit.

These and more are just few of the timeshare privileges. But these privileges are paid not just once but many times in your entire life.

A deeded timeshare requires the owner to pay the unit’s maintenance fees throughout his lifetime. Since it is deeded, it can be passed on the immediate beneficiaries who could be the owners’ children. The responsibility of paying the maintenance fees are now in the hands of the children. The scenario may not seem to be a problem but later on you’ll discover that the payments may be a burden to you. It will be since almost all the commodities and services’ rates increased due to recession and that includes the rising of maintenance fees. Whether you like it or not, or whether your income couldn’t sustain those expenses are not the problem of the developers.

So you might as well give it up as early as now. Why waste your money on a unit that you don’t use that often? You don’t want to get stuck on its fees, do you?

Resource: , Timeshare Relief`s official website.

Timeshare’s Unpleasant Surprises

In many occasions, timeshare has been there to assist you in making it more memorable and meaningful. A timeshare unit allows you and your family to stay as one just like at home though in a different set-up. Nevertheless, it made even more exciting to see your love ones on vacation with less booking hassles, overnight hotel expenses, and a place away from home.

Since the 60s it became a popular vacation spot of the world. From a simple hotelier in the French Alps, the timeshare concept have spread throughout the US and Europe and eventually to the rest of the world. It opened new discoveries on the many beautiful vacation hotspots located across nations. Many have patronized this vacation plan for the purpose of fun, adventure and at the same time cost-saving leisure.

This was the scenario a few years back where commercial planes started to fly and when traveling became a necessity rather than a luxury. It is no doubt that with its development, millions of people contributed to the success of the timeshare industry making it one of the biggest economic sources especially in the US.

Who would have thought that such a big industry can be affected with the global financial crisis?

As a result of the recession, timeshare industries’ sales weren’t good during the last 3 years. Millions of dollars were declared as timeshare losses. Though a ten percent increase was noted in the early part of 2010, it still did not cover the major amounts that needed to be replenished as soon as possible.

Recession gave way for big time unscrupulous people to use the desperation of timeshare owners to surrender their units in exchange of advertising costs. But on there was no advertising activities whatsoever that these resale companies had implemented. Instead, they were speedy in gathering money and later on refuse to reimburse or worst, fly somewhere else so no one can see them.

Timeshare relief seems unlikely these days. But I assure you of a system called transfer title wherein it allows you to completely stay away from your vacation house. So that means, the benefits of not having to pay anymore for that hefty fees are already visible.

Spot Those Illegal Timeshare Representatives

Consumers have been anxious about the increasing number of timeshare scams that amounted to 17 billion dollars. What else do we hate is when someone just rub out money from our pockets. Worst is that it’s hard to recover that hard earned money.

Here are a few things that you should be doubtful of whenever a representative asks you to turn over your timeshares with pay.

The representative contacts you via phone. No reputable resale company would just convince you to resell a serious property. Though there are a few exemptions on the use of phones in negotiating an agreement, but then it is improper for a company to do such marketing method.

A resale company that promises you of a ready buyer is deceiving you for sure. This is one example of too good to be true promises. Timeshare resales do not mark on the market. It is because prospective buyers have realized its impracticality plus the hardships of the recession that brought consumers too much financial obligations. The competition in the resale market is high. And in order for you to be seen in the market, you might as well lower down the price of the unit even more. Timeshare resales cost around 30%-50% of its original price and it’s just not worth it to resell your unit much lower than 30% of its original price. Such phenomenon could be attributed to the buyers swho are not interested on high paying vacation houses. Or it could possibly be that they prefer to rent out units directly from the developer since it has more perks and benefits rather than owning a second hand timeshare unit.

Illegal resale representatives ask for upfront fees. It is not advisable to pay even a small amount just so you can get away from your unit. Tendency is that the representative might just ran away especially if he has already a hold of your credit card number. Whether you have seen the office or not, it is still discouraged to pay additional charges for advertisement fees because in the first place advertising timeshare resales still won’t work.

Just so you can avoid these scamming activities, make sure to choose the right timeshare relief. It might be that reselling is not the answer but rather a transfer title would click better since it doesn’t require of fees.

Timeshare Sales Boost in 2010 is Nothing

Wyndham Worldwide Corp. reports a sales increase of timeshares, lodging and other vacation exchange businesses by 10.1 percent. Though there was a momentum on terms of sales, financial analysts find it still not worthy of the losses the timeshare industry had gained.

Prior to the great recession that struck the industry, developers had invested millions of dollars yet they ended up broke and urged their companies to take actions for the salvation of the businesses. Millions of dollars were put to waste since potential timeshare buyers no longer considered to purchase one. The buyers have realized that owning such a vacation property entails a lot of financial burdens knowing that the economy is unstable right now. The timeshare owners likewise feel the need of getting rid of it since the maintenance fees kept soaring high. Payments were tolerable in the first few years but then it has been the other way around these times.

The resale market naturally increased since many of the timeshare owners wanted to at least get a little profit from their units. Sad to say, they cannot profit that much unlike the real estate were the value increases in due time. Timeshare units are not capable of appreciation. Timeshares are only vacation plans. Owning a timeshare entitles you of the rights to use it in a specific time and not own the physical property itself. So there’s no way you can have that as one of your assets though it can be knowing that you are paying for a luxurious item.

There have been negative feedbacks regarding timeshare resales since resale companies have been into unsound business practices. Most of them have engaged in requiring timeshare owners for additional payments to finance their respective unit’s advertising costs. Attorney Generals, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the federal courts have worked hand in hand to end this timeshare crisis.

In order to get a timeshare relief, units must be paid in full as well as maintenance fees should have no remaining balance.

The transfer title system will take care of the units just so you can get out of the maintenance fee schemes.

Timeshare sales increase should not give hope to anybody. At least it should let you ponder on the thought of not considering it and/ or dispatching it the soonest time possible.

Transfer Title: An Alternative to Timeshare Reselling

Vacation packages excite each member of the family. It is even more exciting to know if you’re heading to a timeshare unit where facilities are grand and usage of amenities are unlimited. People might say owners who have timeshares are lucky since the only thing to think of is the travel expenses when going there.

This should not fool people outside the timeshare community since these timeshare owners are experiencing a nightmare of the unit they have purchased. The maintenance fees have gone higher and it is burdening on their part. This was attributed to the ongoing recession that struck the world economy thereby increasing service and commodity rates.

Timeshare owners think that the only solution to their timeshare problems is to resell it. But actually, that’s where the problem comes in. Timeshare resale companies utilize unbalanced business practices and add further harm to the timeshare owners by asking too much upfront fees and most of the time does not reimburse such payment even though the selling period has expired. These companies also propose promises that there is already a buyer waiting for the unit that is really not true.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been eyeing these timeshare resale companies and rates them as F which means that there have been a great number of complaints against their services. Attorney Generals likewise note the complaints of timeshare owners and pursue a case against them with the help of the federal courts. The three agencies have been helping timeshare owners be wary of the probable injure that timeshare resale companies may cause them. Information dissemination campaigns were also launched in different timeshare states so as to inform the general public about the ongoing situation.

An alternative was developed in a form of a transfer title. It is a timeshare relief that will aid owners to end their obligatory fees. The system does not encourage additional charges which is the root cause of frauds. In order to avail of this kind of service, the unit must be fully paid and the maintenance fees are current. The system gives timeshare owners the freedom that they want for themselves and would certainly last for a lifetime. There are fewer worries and less hassle.

Timeshares: When All Other Options Fail

You may have been wondering now why you bought your timeshares. Few years back when you loved it so much because of its unique package that enables families and friends to experience one of a kind vacation paradise. This was when traveling became a major hit in the 1960s and since the people back then wanted a vacation house. The concept has evolved from a simple slogan, “why rent a room, buy a hotel”, to a more flexible offer like the exchange program that lets family spend vacation into another location with the same ambiance and convenience.

And now reality bites that you have to give up that timeshare you have. Giving up means getting rid of payments—the maintenance fees. Maintenance fees are what timeshare owners dislike. It keeps on increasing. The sad part here is that owners could not just leave it behind. Or else they will be summoned for delinquent payments. Once you have signed the contract, there is no easy way out. But if you have fully paid your unit and that the fees are current in standing then there is an easier way to unload timeshares.

The answer is because of the initiative of David and Cindy MacMillan, owners of Timeshare Relief. They too had a timeshare unit yet experienced the hassles of owning it. In 2004 and up to know, they have helped 45,000 people out of their 52,000 units. They have received the Best Torrance Award for two consecutive years. This was because of their dedication and passion to aid in transferring the titles of the owners’ timeshares.

There are corresponding qualifications in order for you to avail of their services. Your unit must be paid in full. Maintenance fees should be updated. Or if you only have either of the two just contact Timeshare Relief to know more of other qualifications. Timeshare Relief Hotline: 1-866-797-0535. Or you may visit their new website. The website was designed to further answer the necessary questions a timeshare owner and reseller must know. The topics were further segregated in such a way that a customer could directly target what he/she needs.

Timeshare Transfer Title

What can be more devastating than to keep something that eats a big chunk of a family’s budget? Well, some says it can be easily eradicated—but not with timeshares. It’s not like a junk food wrapper that you can just throw anywhere. Or it’s not even a wonderful gift to receive.

Owning a timeshare can be both rewarding and upsetting. It is rewarding in the sense that you get to experience a wonderful vacation much more convenient than your home. You get to have your own bathrooms, living room, dining room and bedrooms which can accommodate at least ten family members. So, you don’t have to pay for another room. Everyone can be inside one unit. It allows you to host small gatherings for your family and friends. It also has a kitchen of its own so you won’t have to worry about dining outside. Another privilege is that you’ll have an access to the resorts amenities such as swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, fitness gyms, spas, etc.

On the other hand, it is upsetting to pay for something that you only get to use in a couple of days in a year. Alongside timeshare ownership is your responsibility towards the unit and that is through the maintenance payment schemes. These fees are for the upkeep of your unit so that the facilities would still be functioning once you come back the following year. It also goes to other utility payments such as phone, electric, water, cable t.v., etc. The distressing part here is that the maintenance fees escalates each year and you don’t have the control over it. And since you have signed in the contract, you have no choice but to pay for it. Otherwise, you might be penalized for being a delinquent when it comes to timeshare payments.

There is one solution to stop for further payment on a hefty maintenance fee. It is neither timeshare resale nor rent since this will still depend on the potential buyers interested in your unit which still would take time and thus prolong your agony. The smart way of getting rid of your timeshares is through timeshare transfer title and Timeshare Relief has done it for the last five years. Timeshare Relief has been committed to help timeshare owners out of timeshare financial responsibilities through title transfer. Eligibility requirements are met so as to avail on the said services. Call Timeshare Relief now and be relieved of all timeshare payments.

The Way Out of Your Timeshare Property

The economic condition of the world today hinders a lot of timeshare owners in wanting to continue owning their unit. As timeshare owners, they are required to pay the annual maintenance fees and taxes of their timeshare properties every year. Because of that, most of these owners just want to get rid of their timeshare properties.

If you are one of them, then expect to do a lot of research and choose among options on how to completely get rid of your timeshare property. The options are as follows:

1. Renting your timeshare – While this is not the most common way that timeshare owners do, it really does a lot of help in paying for the annual fees and getting some profit, especially if the timeshare property has great amenities and accommodations. Renting your timeshare property is not a bad idea at all.

2. Selling your timeshare – Most timeshare owners go for this option that is why as of the moment, there are more people selling timeshare properties than people wanting to buy. Thus, there is more competition. It depends on the marketing and the product itself if the timeshare owner would be able to sell the property or not.

3. Donate your timeshare – For some, this is considered a fallback because of desperation. It is a noble thing to do to donate anything. However, if you donate because of getting rid of a timeshare property, it means that you are passing the responsibilities of the annual fees to the beneficiary. Passing to him/her the burden of paying those. Unless he/she wants the property so much, you would be successful of completely getting rid of your timeshare.

4. Bringing your timeshare to an exit solution or transfer company – This option is also quite good if you are already very desperate in getting rid of your timeshare. It would cost you some money, but that would be better than continually paying for the annual fees that come along with your contract. Make sure that the company you avail of the services is reliable and has a good history of the services they have done to the people. One of the best companies for timeshare exit solution is Transfer Smart Incorporated.

Tips for a successful timeshare resale

It’s indeed true that a lot of people have settled in buying timeshare properties rather than just paying hotel accommodations or pay-per-day apartment for their vacation lodging. With the timeshare concept, they can save more. Timeshare properties are already fully-equipped with several bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry areas, plus spas, tennis courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, bars, and even golf courses. It’s really perfect for a vacation, that’s why it is really not advised for people to share their timeshare properties.

However, several problems arise in maintaining a timeshare unit so people do not have a choice but sell their timeshare properties. If you are one of those people who continually pay for the annual fees that go with your timeshare property but cannot use your property anymore, then choosing to just sell it is indeed rational.

There are things to keep in mind before selling your timeshare properties:

In a traditional sale, what sellers are really up for is, of course, the profit. However, the timeshare resale industry is entirely a different thing. Most timeshare owners sell their timeshare properties because they want to get rid of it. Most of them just want to take back what they have lost, but not actually expecting profit. Once timeshare properties are used, they often lose their value. Hence, it’s still better to be able to sell your property at a low price than continue facing problems brought by the annual fees you are responsible of.

The price of your timeshare is dependent on its age, location, size, time of the year, and its several amenities. You can also take into consideration the annual fees which you have spent for it. What you need to do is to go and ask help from the timeshare developer or company who sold you the property. They will be able to help you find the real value of your property for the resale.

Most people ask timeshare resale companies for help in reselling their properties. Be wary of the agents and companies who approached you or those you found on the internet. Timeshare owners selling their properties have been the target of scammers these days. Do your research or ask some help from your state Attorney General for the legality of the companies or agents.

If you can do it yourself, go for it. You can save a lot of money and all the money you got on your sale goes to you. You need not pay agents or companies for services they rendered in selling your timeshare. With a lot of research, you can have a successful sale. You can also buy a timeshare resale kit. Those kits have everything you need in selling your timeshare property.

Rocksure Property’s Capital Fund Offers Great Amenities Along With Its Success

The Rocksure Property’s real estate fund for timeshare ownership, Capital fund has reached its progress in the 10 cities in Europe. All its records have reached up to $2.5 million which is $1.1 million of the offer that were invested by the company in the last 2 months.

Capital fund is the main backbone of some real estate properties in Paris and Vienna. These were the two places that contributed to the success of the company. The apartments in Paris offer a lot of amenities to its guests. It has two big guest rooms with bathrooms. The property will be available for the shareholders on late summer this year.

Overall, Rocksure’s Capital Fund offers cheap ownership to several properties in Vienna, Paris, Florence, London, Prague, Rome, Cannes, Marbella, and Barcelona. Since Capital Fund has reached its Milestone, one of the properties will be on hold to the Capital Fund, but after that, that property will be sold and the sale will be divided to all the shareowners of the property.

On the other hand, properties of full units at $138,000 will be available for the timeshare owners for 2 weeks every year. For the half units at half units at $69,000 will be available for the timeshare owners for 1 week per year. The timeshare owners are offered several benefits and amenities with their ownership. They can choose several packages of their 1 or 2 weeks of stay in the property.

Rocksure and Capital Fund will also offer what they call the Inter-fund booking. With that, the timeshare owners can easily exchange their timeshare property with other timeshare owners under Rocksure, but this time, they can exchange it with timeshare properties outside Europe. Rocksure Property is connected to 9 villas around the world.

Timeshare Resales 101

Eventhough its recession time and everyone is tightening their belts, spending for a vacation still has something to shell out from one’s pocket. And what better way to celebrate freedom from the workloads that you left is to go to your timeshare property. The question is, do you have one?

Worry no more as there are already resales on timeshare units. We know that these timeshares are only second hand since they belong to the previous owners who bought it straight from a timeshare company. Nevertheless, if you chose one from a resale site, you still could experience the same first class services as this still belongs to that first class timeshare company member.

What you must do is to determine which timeshare resale company is legal. You may want to view some resales on eBay or meet up with independent timeshare brokers. There are plenty of sites to choose from since there are many owners who wanted to sell their timeshares because they no longer can afford to pay for its maintenance fees. But you must make sure that these companies are true. Visit the Better Business Bureau for a list of existing and legitimate reputable resale companies.

The price for a timeshare resale would cost you around 30%-50% of its original price. So you can already save a lot from it than purchasing from a timeshare company. But remember that even though it is a resale you are not exempted of the possible increase of its maintenance fees.
And by the way, timeshares are not investments. They simply are vacation places that you should enjoy. It is not like houses that increase in value. That’s why we have resales sold much cheaper than its original price.

Whichever timeshare resales you want, make sure that you are dealing with the legitimate one. With the increase of timeshare resales, scammers have tricked some owners to pay for upfront fees in exchange of selling their timeshares in the shortest time possible. There have been so many complaints received by the Attorney General Offices in many states. There were those who were lucky regain their money while some weren’t able to retrieve since the companies they dealt with were ghost ones.

Timeshare Relief in Vermont - Designed for Relaxation and Fun

Finding timeshare relief in Vermont is not really a difficult thing. With 20 timeshare resorts in Vermont, relief, relaxation and fun are not far away. It's wise to rent a timeshare first before owning which can lead to headaches down the road. Luckily companies like Timeshare Relief can help with this. By giving your Vermont timeshare the relief you need the people at Timeshare Relief will provide 100% satisfaction.

Going on winter vacation in Vermont can be so exciting and relaxing when it's done right. But if you ruin it by being the owner of a timeshare property it can become a disaster. If you took a trip to a resort such as the Smugglers' Notch Resort or the Sugarbush resort, located just 45 minutes from an international airport, you could easily make unforgettable fun filled memories. But being weighed down by the major hassle of a timeshare and seeing those upkeep and maintenance fees come year after year can put a damper on your fun.

The high risk that a timeshare will become an unreasonable financial burden and stressfully occupy your mind when you are on vacation is just not worth it. If you are the owner of a Vermont timeshare you need relief so you can fully appreciate what Vermont has to offer you. The only thing you should have in your head during vacation is what fun new aspect of Vermont you want to experience next.

When going to Vermont ensuring timeshare relief is just a call away and can save your vacation from becoming a miserable experience. A timeshare property is a lifelong commitment and you will be reminded of it year after year even when not on vacation. Is it really worth it to have this burden all year long when you only get to use it for one week?

Owning a timeshare is a serious commitment, but if you've already entered into a timeshare contract there is hope yet. The timeshare title transfer experts at Timeshare Relief can help you get the financial freedom you need and deserve so that you can fully appreciate a Vermont vacation. The truth of the matter is that in Vermont Timeshare Relief is just the way to go if you want to get the most out of a winter vacation experience and save yourself the stress of owning a timeshare.

A Vermont timeshare is just as expensive as a hotel or resort package would be in the market today. There is no sense making a lifelong commitment to your future vacationing in Vermont when you get the same enjoyment through a different method of planning your vacation. Being able to fully appreciate Vermont and have timeshare relief if the best way to enjoy your vacation getaway. So go talk to an expert at Timeshare Relief and find out for yourself how relaxing and worry free a Vermont vacation can truly be.

The Benefits of Timeshare Exchange

Over the years, timeshares have evolved. From the simple “why rent a hotel, buy the hotel’ slogan of French Alps in the 1960s to the additional amenities constructed for you to enjoy your unit. Today, the real deal with timeshares—timeshare exchange. This has been a fad for vacation lovers since it gives them the chance to experience a different vacation hotspot but still having the best facilities, amenities and vacation accommodations. This is the flexibility that timeshare offers that entices vacationers to avail this.

But not all timeshares are exchangeable. So if you want to avail this, you have to ask the company where you intend to purchase if they have this kind of promo. Some companies have tie-ups with other timeshare exchange companies. When you have signed their contracts, you automatically can avail of the exchange program. Usually, the first year is free. The succeeding years already require payments.

So, how does it work? The owner is entitled to trade his own property with a different timeshare property of a different timeshare resort. The units to be trade should be equivalent to the previous one. Say for example, if your current unit only has one bedroom, you cannot trade two bedrooms for this. But if you have two bedrooms and you intend to make it one this time, then there’s no problem at all. In short, it is advised to choose the unit that is quite similar to the present. This program gives you the kind of freedom to search for a comparable vacation spot without too much of a hassle since you can visit the unit at any time of the year.

There are two ways to do this. One is to go to the developer. The other one is to go straight to the company. Internal International (II) and RCI are two of the world’s popular companies that offer timeshare exchange programs. But if you prefer other companies, make a background check. The timeshare industry, like any other industry, is surrounded by scammers and frauds that are waiting for you.

Remember that depositing your timeshare unit to the inventory of timeshare company’s available weeks is not simple. The exchange only takes place when the requested week is in the inventory and the offered week by the owner is the ideal exchangeable week. It is very advantageous for owners who own timeshares in peak seasons since “they can request exchange both in peak time and off peak time periods”. Those with off peak timeshares also go with off peak timeshare exchange. Situations may vary because of some factors.

You are on their waiting list if you cannot avail of the program. They shall contact you only when there is an available exchange.

Selling Timeshares Through Legitimate Brokers

Timeshares have constantly served families through a paradise of vacation. What more can you ask for if you are being served with the best of the best facilities and amenities to make your vacation experience the most memorable and fruitful event of your year. You don’t easily give up such pleasures in life unless circumstances push you to do so. Just like the increasing maintenance fees associated with it.

Timeshare owners have continuously suffered in paying for their annual maintenance fees. These owners find ways in getting rid of their unit. Others have signed up to all social networking sites just so their property can be seen by millions of people. Some opted to hire a good timeshare broker who can make the greatest deal in the market.

Since the owner is new in the business, it is necessary to know the updates of the value of his/ her timeshare market. That means, the owner must be able to feed himself/ herself with the knowledge it brings so as to make the best deal of his/ her timeshare. But this takes time for first timers to understand the nature of how the timeshare market goes. And so, the best way is to hire timeshare brokers.

Timeshare brokers serve as a link between the timeshare owner and the client. Hiring an expert lets you save time and money in selling your timeshare. With their presence it will make transactions quick and fast.

But before purchasing transactions such as this, you must know what to look for in a timeshare broker. The broker must come from a reputable timeshare selling company. The broker presents the current situation of the timeshare market and tells the owner that it takes time to sell a timeshare due to the current financial dilemma. The broker must not hide any information that will be of help to the owner. Also, the broker makes sure that the price is the greatest value your timeshare could possibly be sold at.

Selling timeshare has never been easy, but if you entrust your timeshares to a legitimate timeshare broker, then it would not be a problem for you.

Interval International Exchange Network puts another resort in their Portfolio; This time it is from Bangladesh

San Pearl Beach, a timeshare property in Bangladesh was recently built to add option in the timeshare industry vacation destinations. This new resort stole the hearts of the Interval International Exchange Network (IINE) directors. Thus, it is now included in the resorts IIEN recommend. San Pearl Beach also becomes the first resort in Bangladesh to yield to the timeshare industry.

According to Interval International’s executive director for Asia Joe Hickman, they expect San Pearl Beach to become a popular vacation hot spot. With its great amenities, it is impossible that vacationers around the world will be able to resist it.

This resort offers all-in-one package, from the basic necessities to the most luxurious entertainment and relaxation purposes. The resort has a cinema house, fitness gym, tennis court and club, clubhouse, several swimming pools, and restaurants. Owning a timeshare in there will give you great views and attractions. In each property, there are one or two rooms that have good view of the sea. The rooms depend on the choice of package.

Aside from the man-made rooms, San Pearl Beach also boasts of the natural and cultural things that Bangladesh offers, like the pagodas, temples, coastlines, coral reefs, waterfalls, to name just a few.

Timeshare Vermont : A Waste

Since it first emerged in the French Alps with the slogan “No need to rent the room, but the hotel”, it became a hit for vacation-lovers and spread across US and Europe. As time goes by, the benefits just kept getting better like the ‘flexibility’ that they offer such as trading your unit with other timeshare properties, selling the unit, or renting the unit for additional income. A vacation exchange company such as RCI was established to guide and protect the clients. It made a lot of wealth that big time hotel chains such as Marriott, Wyndham, Starwood, Sheraton, Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, Ramada, Westin, and Ritz-Carlton invested into developing more and more timeshare units.

Owning a timeshare entitles you the rights to ownership. The rights here is boxed in which the said property is not actually under your name literally but rather you are entitled to the “rights to use” it.

Vermont, home of the maple syrup and maple sugar industry, also boasts for its luxurious, comfortable, convenient, affordable and a lifetime of unforgettable vacation. You will experience such at their maple syrup, dairy farms, covered bridges, and the green mountains.

Did you read it right? AFFORDABLE?

Since 2008, timeshare was doing no good at all. Top hotel chains had a serious drop on their timeshare sales. Some of them stopped further construction of the units. Others closed their sales offices and it prompted them to lay off some of their employees including the local workers.

Timeshare sales kept on getting worse each day as people have realized how impractical it is to obtain a timeshare property. Though there was a slight 10 per cent increase of sales in the early 2010, this was not noted significantly since timeshare unit itself depreciates every now and then.

Probably, the people have known that its upfront fee will do no good for their dream vacation but rather it would sort of be a nightmare for them in the future. Not to mention the escalating maintenance fees that they will be paying in the succeeding years. Maintenance fees are compulsory since this will take care of the upkeep of the unit from the cleanliness of the place to the utility bills. Maintenance fees let you not worry on updating your financial obligations.

But then again, who would want to pay for something that you only get to use for some couple of weeks in a year? Certainly not those who have work hard to get their hard-earned money.
Timeshare is more than just a waste of money. It could also waste your family if everybody is indebted with timeshare.

So instead of choosing any timeshare such as timeshare Vermont, think first of these and you might be enlightened.

Timeshare No More

Have you ever thought of purchasing a timeshare just because you wanted to experience a luxurious vacation? Now, think again after reading this article.

First you must know what timeshare is all about. Timeshare was conceptualized for the middle-class. This was in the 1960s in which these families wanted to own a vacation house. It gained popularity in the 1970s and more people were fascinated with it year after year.

But sad to say, in the year 2008, when the world experienced financial crisis, the timeshare industry was affected. Only a few people have subscribed to it. And many wanted to get rid of their units since they can no longer sustain the increasing annual maintenance fees. Are you more than willing to pay thousands of dollars for that timeshare unit which you can only try for one or two weeks in a year? Isn’t it impractical?

Plus timeshare owners are already tired of seeing the same place year after year. But then timeshare offers you the advantage of trading with other timeshare owners. Well lucky for you if you can spot for an available timeshare location. But most often, it is very difficult to locate one. So you’ll end up staying at your timeshare for the rest of your contract.

The major hotel chains such as Starwood, Marriott, and Wyndham have closed thousands of jobs and sales offices and laid off even local workers. Starwood and Wyndham have stopped the construction of timeshare units and decided to convert some of its units. On the other hand, Marriott continued building it since it is already at the end phase of the construction and they believe it would be better to finish it rather than abandon it.

Though for this year timeshare sales have raised a little bit, the increase is not that significant such that it encourages a significant number of people to patronize it again. We must consider the millions of dollars of timeshare loss noted for the past years especially in the last quarter of 2009.

Purchasing timeshare is not an investment. You don’t own it. You are only entitled of the rights to use the place in a specific span of time usually for 1 or 2 weeks time in a year. You won’t own that timeshare property forever.

Many people have misconceptions regarding timeshare as a tax-free property. Certainly it is not, as it is a capital asset just like that of the real estate property. In timeshare, you actually gain profits from it. Your timeshare unit will be income-tax qualified once it is owned for at least 1 year.

These are just some of the things that you should ponder upon before buying a timeshare. Be wise enough to spend your hard-earned money.

Timeshare Rings an Alarm in Florida

The number of scams regarding timeshare resales rings an alarm specifically in Florida. Florida has become a fertile soil where timeshare scams flourish. With many timeshare owners wanting to get rid of their timeshare, many resale companies are setting alluring traps for these timeshare owners.

One victim who fell for the trap was Sheila Newman, a client who became unhappy about her timeshares and decided to get her properties listed in timeshare selling websites. Two companies based in Florida responded telling her that all she needed to do was send a check since there are already buyers. It turned out to be a scam

Newman's case is nothing new. In 2009, most complaints that are mortgage related received by the Attorney General in Florida, Bill McCollum, is accounted for timeshare resales. These cases doubled in 2009 from 2008, specifically, there has been 2,719 complaints.

Another case is how a flight attendant was tricked into paying $600 upfront with a reseller, which has listed her unit for $18,000 on its website and printed fliers that she's never seen. This kind of fees can even reach to $5000.

With the cases of timeshare scams piling up, Atty. McCollum's office is reported investigating 17 companies in Florida who are engaging in anomalous practices in timeshare. The attorney general's office is said to conduct more investigations this year.

Late in 2009, two companies have been sued for allegedly accumulated $ 4 million monthly in fees alone from customers through Internet and telemarketing calls. Involved are Universal Marketing Solutions and Creative Vacation Solutions. These two were said to require "hundreds of clients" to pay $1,500 each and promising that they "would market and/or advertise their time share in an attempt to resell it, when in the truth is the time share was merely placed on a website, to which no Web traffic was directed."

The good news is that 1.6 million has been recovered out of customer refunds. The year 2009 made a record-breaking performance for consumer recoveries from timeshare.

The state of Florida being the hotbed for timeshare scams is not a surprise since there are a lot of timeshare properties found in Florida. Around 25% of timeshares are found in Florida. But these cases are not limited to the state of Florida. Attorneys general in Arkansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Oklahoma are also on the lookout for issues about the timeshare resale industry.

Satisfaction With Owning a Timeshare

Summer is already coming. People may plan their vacations as early as now—where to go, what to do, etc. Most probably, resorts are now famous again in the minds of people who want to have a relaxing vacation. It is no wonder why owning a timeshare has become famous.

However, there are people who do not want to own their timeshare units anymore. It is because of its high maintenance fees, other fees, etc. With this, it seems like they are not happy and satisfied in owning their timeshares. Even if this is the case, there are still some people who remain satisfied and happy with owning one.

As mentioned, despite the costs, there are still people who buy timeshares. According to Andrew Gooch, a researcher who wrote about Update on Profile of Timeshare Owners Today, there are motivating factors that persuade these people to buy timeshare units. Specifically in USA, summer is already coming. In short, many people from there would want to visit resorts that could make them relax. And it will be a plus for them if they own a timeshare, since they already have a place to stay.

Gooch even mentioned that recent owners of timeshare are satisfied with what they bought. One of their reasons is they can have a vacation away from their homes. In short, these people most probably want to stay away from their houses during vacation to feel more relaxed with their timeshare atmosphere.

With this, one can see that despite the occurring problems with owning timeshares, people still see the benefits of owning one. As a matter of fact, Gooch also mentioned in his research that despite the current economy we have, that is an economy with recession issues, some people still think of not giving up their timeshare even with its increasing maintenance costs. However, more people are thinking otherwise.

More or less, despite the many people who are becoming quite unhappy with owning timeshare, there are still those who remain satisfied with their timeshare and do not want to give it up. It is only just a matter on how people value the timeshare they own.

How to Sell Your Timeshare Online

Timeshares give owners the opportunity to take vacations every year, whether in the properties they own, or by exchanging their weeks in another shared vacation property. But nowadays, there are more and more owners who no longer want their timeshares and wish to give these up. Some give them up for financial reasons, while others do so because they no longer have the time to take vacations and utilize the timeshare yearly. Whatever the reasons, the fact is there are many shared vacation properties that go back on the market. And because of this surplus of options, an owner wishing to sell faces challenges in finally getting rid of the timeshare property.

Here are some ideas to help you when you decide to sell your timeshare online:

1. List Your Timeshare

The fastest and most convenient listing option is online, whether on your own website, on blogs, on social networking sites, or through a timeshare company. Explore various companies to find the one with the lowest listing and selling costs.

2. Post Photos of the Property

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when selling property, it can be worth thousands of dollars too. By putting up photos of the property for sale, you are already enticing potential buyers to take the next step. Since most vacation exchange companies already have stock photos of popular resorts, you can simply ask them to put the photos up.

3. Grab the Reader's Attention

While the pictures can convince prospective buyers to purchase, what will lead them to your page in the first place are the words you use. Employ a variety of styles and formatting options plus your descriptive talents to make the most eye-catching and convincing ads. For example, instead of saying “beautiful two-bedroom unit in Barbados,” say “breathtaking two-bedroom beachfront unit in Barbados.”

4. Ensure the Ad Contains All the Essential Details

These include information about the property, such as the exact location, the price, the number of bedrooms, the season and the week, as well as the yearly maintenance fees.

5. Convince the Reader to Purchase your Timeshare

While you may have squeezed all your creative juices to make your property as marketable as possible, so have other sellers. But what makes yours stand out from everyone else’s? Is it located near a mall, is it in the nearest resort from the airport, or can I bring my dog there? Sure, everyone’s timeshare property is “beautiful” or “luxurious” with “complete amenities” but what makes your timeshare unique? Why should buyers choose it over the others on the market?

6. Reply to Inquiries Immediately

Make sure you have answers to probable questions ready. Delaying client response by even a day or two may cost you the possible buyer already, so try to respond to questions within the day. Also, since most buyers usually ask the same questions, you can make a list of FAQs to save them the hassle of asking, and save you the trouble of replying to the same questions.

7. Be Willing to Negotiate your Price to Facilitate a Faster Sale

You can also be open to making concessions for the buyer if only to ensure the deal. For example, if the buyer cannot pay up front, offer to waive the initial year's maintenance fees provided he or she adds $500 to the timeshare’s selling price, to be paid over time.